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soWarbird Parts and Memorabilia  

Parts for specific aircraft, USA



Item Description



P-39 left hand windshield glass w/vent, new still wrapped

$ 35


B-29 radio operator navigator seats, original w/tripod

$ 45


23412 fuel filter, appears to be new, aero supply

$ 55


A-26 bomb rack, 1 long & 1 short, good condition

$ 325 ea


B-17, B-24 main junction box for turbo regulator

$ 30


USN bomb/torpedo release trigger pistol grip, looks like USN stick grip with 3' of cord, TBM, new

$ 65


Prop feathering switch, typical red switch used in B-17's, B-24's, etc., new

$ 16 ea


B-26 Marauder prop dome spinner, used with Curtiss Electric blades, brand new

$ 80


AD-2 Skyraider oil tank, very good condition

$ 85

G-198 Skyraider oil diverter valve, Harrison P/N 8504938, brand new $  45.
G-200 Skyraider wings, AD-3, AD-4 & AD-6, left & right as removed, very good condition, pair $25,000.00
G-202 Skyraider gear door, very good condition $ 500.
G-203 Skyraider horizontal stabilizer, AD-4, used, no damage $11,000.00


Landing gear motor drive for B-29 aircraft with electric motor, 40-1 ratio, brand new

$ 250


Cabin air heater diffuser vents w/ducting for P-61s (heater diffuser assembly is GFE) good condition

$ 45 ea


Flare tube assembly for P2V Neptune, (2) tubes 10" diameter & approx 3' long, complete with all brackets

$ 85 ea


P-61 hydraulic tank, approx 4 gal tank w/sight glass, very good condition

$ 75


Flare pull handle, red handle w/cable for release of flares, application unknown, new

$ 4 ea


Antique Dole primers, heavy brass primer w/large black knob, manufactured in 1928, new condition

$ 14


Tail warning radar indicator lamp assy., Type ID-42A/APS-13, used P-51s, etc., new

$ 35


Emergency warning, normal landing gear control box, boxed

$ 35 ea


TBM flap quadrant, used

$ 45


TBM master cylinders, used condition

$ 75 ea


SB2C center fixed canopy, complete w/life raft tube, brand new

$ 575


SB2C rear sliding canopy, complete assy., brand new

$ 550


SB2C rear slider escape hatch, brand new

$ 75


Jury strut, USN, good souvenir from a carrier based fighter, used condition

$ 45


Engine cowling, all 4 pieces, (1 complete engine), for Martin PBM-5, all  in original Navy tri-color, excellent condition

$ 550


Landing gear signal horn, Corsair, P/N US3939, Type E-2, brand new

$ 25


Oil cooler drive motor for a Lockheed PV-1, new

$ 35


F4F Wildcat MLG axle assy., (axle only - new)

$ 95


Engine cowling, application unknown, P/N 247310178-102, new

$ 85


Fuel pressure signal assy., Type C-2, dated 1943, new

$ 25


TBM engine accessory cowling, 3 pieces, very good condition

$ 150 ea


B-29 bombardier nose glass, lower L.H. only, new

$ 85


75 gal fuel gauge for P-51, now used in WACOs, new

$ 75


Complete windshield assembly w/cowling for TBY-2 Sea Wolf, built by Consolidated in WWII, very rare

$ 750


F4U5 & 7 Corsair wing gun ammo chutes for spent ammo cartridges, S.S., VG condition

$ 65. ea


F4U5 & 7 Corsair wing gun ammo feed chutes, S.S., different lengths, very good condition

$ 110 ea

G-378 F4U-5 ammo feed chute, V5-52537 R.H., appears nerw 65.
G-379 F4U-5 ammo feed chute, V5-52526 R.H., eppears new $  135.
G-380 F4U-5 ammo feed chute, V5-52526 , L.H., appears new $  135.
G-381 F4U-5 ammo feed chute, V5-28871, R.H., appears new (1) only $  175.


F4U water injection tank, new

$ 125


Alcohol boot for C-46/B-26 Curtiss Electric blade, new

$ 85 ea


ME 108 engine cowling & prop spinner, complete set of cowling firewall forward for French built ME 108, 5 pieces plus prop spinner, very good condition ($ per set)

$ 1200


CG4A glider trim tabs, approx 38" long, phenolic construction, good souvenir item

$ 45 ea


Fuel strainer, Aero Supply Mfg. Co., P/N 23412, new

$ 85


Curtiss electric selector switch for B-26, P-47 & P-61 aircraft application, dated 6/45, new, boxed

$ 35 ea


Torpedo rack for Martin PBM-5, L.H. inner & L.H. outer available, complete w/ hooks, brand new

$ 175


Martin B-26, main junction box, 17" x 10" x 4", complete w/ circuit breaker, etc., new

$ 85


Brake master cylinder, Warner P/N 3150-3, very good condition

$ 55


Brake master cylinder, Warner P/N 3150-6, very good condition

$ 55


Fuel selector valve, Parker P/N 3-347-1, 3 outlets, new

$ 65

G-483 Grumman rudder pedal - has embossed logo complete with mount, good condition $ 145


Rudder pedal assembly from Republic Sea-Bee, has embossed Republic logo, good condition

$ 95


Hydraulic actuator cylinder, NAA P/N 181-58028-2, brand new, (1) only available

$ 125


PBM-5 Martin Mariner radio operators seat, 4 legged, black leather, very good condition

$ 45


Fuel booster pump, A-4944-A, dated 1941, new

$ 85


Woodward hyd. gov., constant speed control for Ham-Std prop., model 5U18-B-25 AO, brand new

$ 175


Oil cooler/flap automatic actuator, Type ALM, Dwg. #25040, brand new

$ 125


Ham Std prop gov constant speed control unit, P/N 4G10 G5C, new

$ 125


Jack and Heintz starter motor, P/N 1585R, this is the electric motor assembly, brand new

$ 225


Cowl flap pulley for Corsair, Fafnir P/N FL 3C6, new

$ 8 ea


B-29 nose greenhouse sections, will sell each piece individually or enough to assemble complete nose

$ P.O.R


USN voltage regulator, Mark 1, manufactured by Bendix Aviation Corp., looks to be new

$ 35.00 ea


Hydraulic hand pump with mount, model HP-15C-15, manufactured by Adel Precision Products, good condition

$ 110.00 ea


Hamilton Standard prop governor, constant speed control, model 4L11-G1J, New

$ 250.00 ea


B-1 Bomber cockpit section, 33' L, 12' W, 11' H, cockpit has all glass, instrument panel less instruments, no seats or nose cone, weighs 12,380 lbs., first B-1 de-milled, rare opportunity

$ 14,900.


Flap control valve, model 3560 for TBY aircraft, new/OHC?

$ 45

G-559 UC-78 oil tank, very good condition, no corrosion $  75.


Immersion oil heater, model 14-rc-3w, manufactured by Cities Service Oil Co. for the OS2U kingfisher new

$ 85.00

G-569 Fuel selector assembly, 5 position, left & right main 66 gal., left & right aux. 75 gal., center aux., unknown aircraft $  45.00
G-571 P-39/63 aluminum panel with MLG retract switch, light, etc., brand new, (1) only $  85.
G-572 P-39/P-63 main landing gear with brake assemblys, complete less sizzors, (1) pr only $4500.
G-574 Corsair oil tank for F4U-5 aircraft, 27.5 U.S. gallons, VS-62064-3, very good condition $2475.
G-578 Seat assembly for C-45 aircraft, complete seat with built-in beverage holder, brand new $ 150.
G-587 B-25 16G pilot/co-pilot seat, appears to be new - surplus $ 245.
G-589 DC-7 prop spinner, no backing plate - just a good looking spinner $ 125.
G-590 Hydraulic pump, IP-349-P, engine driven pump, very good condition - core? $  85.
G-592 Vacuum pump, 3P-207-JA, used on P-51's, etc., used condition - good core $  85.
G-593 Thompson submersible fuel pump, TFD 12900-8m, used condition - good core $ 110.
G-606 B-17/B24  turbo supercharger, complete assembly - no cracks in bucket, needs O.H.? $1,250.
G-607 B-17G project aircraft, consists of props, tail gear, wheels, tires, brakes, engine mounts and more.  Has all paper work - currently on US registry, long term project Price on request
G-608 1946 J-3 cub project, L-65 H.P. engine, wooden prop, left wing rebuilt, all new parts to complete right wing, all tail feathers & control surfaces, straight fuselage ready to be covered, currently on U.S. Registry in my name, clear paperwork $16,000
G-617 Hamilton Standard prop governor, type 4G10-G5C, fits A-24A&B model, brand new $ 145.
G-618 Hamilton Standard prop governor, type 4L11-G1J, fits B-17, B-34 & A-20, brand new $ 145.
G-619 Vacuum pump, type B-12, Pesco 3P207JA, fits C-45, B-25, P-51, C-47, ets., good core $ 115.
G-621 C-47 oil tank, correct tanks - looks like (2) tanks joined together, new condition $ 225.
G-622 Bendix Scintilla magneto, SF14LN-8, fits 1830-75 & R2000-9 & 13, appears new $ 250. each
G-627 Brass oil cooler, 8" deep x 13" wide, never plugged or damaged, no regulator, very good condition $ 275.
G-629 Wing tip marker light, non-diffusing red, standard light w/screw hole in middle, new $  45.
G-631 B-29 cold cylinder test indicator assembly, Type A-1A, probably used on all 3350's, brand new in steel box $  55.
G-634 Romec wobble pump, Type D-2-A, PD 4370-1, used - good condition $  85.
G-636 Thompson fuel selector, P/N 7800-1, 4 ports used - very good condition $  45.
G-637 Handle assembly for hydraulic hand pump, P/N 25-58066, appears to be new $  45.
G-641 Hydraulic reservoir, P/N 28-0-213420, approx  9" x 13", complete w/gauge, fits PBY-5, new? $ 110.
G-643 Chandler Evans relief valve housing, P/N CE826, dated 1950, brand new $  10. ea
G-644 Mag switch for B-29 Superfortress, unique to the B-29 as the switches are marked 2 & 1 and 4 & 3, very good condition $  55. ea
G-645 Magnetic fuel valve, Type AV-5, 3/4", 24 volt, brand new $  55.
G-648 Jack screw assy., Lear Avia P/N 18543, new $  45.
G-649 0-1 generator, used on P-47, Corsair, etc., as removed condition $ 135. ea
G-650 0-1 generator, Mil. O.H. (2) available $ 375. ea
G-656 Engine oil separator, Type B-8 (Pesco P/N 218-Y), dated 6/42, brand - still boxed $  45.
G-661 Janitrol aircraft heater, Type S-40, these are used condition - appear complete $  85.
G-664 Control wheel for Republic Seabee, these are brand new assemblies, grey in color $  95. ea
G-665 Compass, Type D-12, this was used by the navigator in all heavy bombers, very good condition - works fine $ 145.
G-666 OQ-19D target drone, mfgd. by Radioplane Co., powered by a McCullough 0-100-1, two-cycle 4 cylinder engine, speeds to 200 kts. @ sea level, 11' 6" wing span, 12' 4" length, recovered from aerial gunner training base in Florida, complete drone missing lower cowl only, good condition $2500.
G-672 Coolant tank for Canadian Northstar, complete tank with pop-off valve, this is the best tank for a test cell $ 375.
G-677 B-29 Parallax unit assembly for turret computer, dated 3/45, brand new - boxed $ 245.
G-679 Starter, J & H JH5B, looks new - has broken cannor plug $ 135.
G-681 Pump, mfgd. by Engineering Service Corp., Type NSE-12R, 24 volt, new? $   45.
G-682 Lear Aviation geared motor, P/N 15845, complete with mounting bracket, new? $   65.
G-683 Pesco vacuum pump, P/N 1E-AR-280-BHC, O.H.C. $   85.
G-684 J&H gear box, Type JH1045, new $   45.
G-685 Vacuum pump, Type B-8A-1A, mfgd. by Eclipse, new condition $   65.
G-686 Main landing gear uplock hydraulic assembly, P/N 2957, unknown application, new $ 125.
G-687 Vacuum pump, Type C-1750, mfgd. by Liberty Motors & Engineering, new $   45.
G-688 B-24 tail skid retract cylinder, hydraulic cylinder used to keep tail from dragging on runway during take-off, new $   55.
G-689 Retract cylinder, 38" long, P/N M427-K, new $ 145.
G-690 Hydraulic actuator, mfgd. by Boeing, model E-1420, complete with electric motor, new $ 145.
G-691 Hydraulic cylinder, 40" long, assembly #51381-500, appears new $ 145.
G-692 Generator regulator, Spec. #94-32276, brand new - still booxed $   85.
G-693 Mechanical fuel pump, mfgd. by Continental Motors, P/N 35217, boxed $   85.
G-697 Type B electronic turbo super charger control, new $  45.
G-714 Power section for Jacobs R-755 engine, used on the UC-78 Bamboo Bomber, complete less pistons & jugs, good condition $ 650.
G-717 Brass oil cooler, mfgd. by Air Research, P/N 2J-6325, 13" x 9", fits A-20 series aircraft, very good condition $ 225.
G-718 Oil diluter valve (mounts on oil cooler) P/N 5E10107, either new or OHC, (1) only $  95.
G-719 L & R Sea Bee wing assembly, complete with conrol surfaces, both wings have damage but are corrosion free $2,500. pr
G-722 Sea Bee elevator, no damage or corrosion, good condition $ 175.
G-723 Sea Bee vertical stabilizer, no damage or corrosion, good condition $ 195.
G-725 Sea Bee co-pilot control column, good condition $ 145.
G-726 Misc. Sea Bee wheel, tires, inner tubes, hydraulic pumps, etc., package deal???
G-727 TBM hydraulic accumulator, as removed $  75.
G-728 TBM brake assembly, brand new complete assembly, still boxed $1,200.
G-729 TBM brake assembly, as removed - good condition $   425.
G-730 TBM canopy assembly for COD version, good assembly, no corrosion or damage $1,200.
G-731 TBM engine shields, stainless steel, about (6) pieces total, good condition $     45. ea
G-732 TBM exhaust parts, 4 or 5 pieces available, all pieces serviceable    P.O.R.
G-733 TBM engine cowling assembly, complete assembly from nose bowl to cowl flaps, no damage or corrosion $4,800.
G-735 TBM air duct parts, all in good condition, please call for more details     P.O.R.
G-738 Wright R-2600 master rod with 6 blade rods attached, brand new assembly $     350.
G-739 Wright R-2600 prop shaft, 50 spline shaft, perfect for prop stand, display or whatever? excellent condition $     225.
G-740 Wright R-2600 intake valve, brand new in WWII art deco box, mfgd. by Eaton in Detroit, Michigan $       35. ea
G-741 Geared 1340 engine assembly, (2) crankshafts, (2) geared nose cases, power section, etc., lots of new parts     P.O.R.
G-754 AT-11 lower R.H. nose glass with port-hole window, brand new - still wrapped $     235.
G-755 Allison control valve, P/N 0259-9066302, this part is brand new - still boxed $     325.
G-757 C-1 booster coil, 24 volt, brand new unit, still wrapped $     135.
G-759 Aircraft skin, 55" long x 24" wide, approx .125 thick, contoured to fit the belly of aircraft, brand new - great for artwork $        90. ea
G-761 Linear actuator, model 420 BR, mfgd. by Lear, looks to be very good condition complete $       45.
G-762 Hand crank assy. handle, EA57431-1, appears to be new $       45.
G-763 Gas filler cap w/stand-off mounting flange, standard gas cap use on T-6's, P-51's, P-38's, etc., brand new $       55. ea
G-766 Douglas A-26 gun nose, 6 gun nose with ammo/gun access doors, airworthy nose from production break forward, no guns or ammo boxes included $ 4,500.
G-768 Voltage regulator, BuAero P/N E-1598-1, complete with shock mount base assembly, used in all USN carrier based fighters, new condition $    110.
G-771 Mag switch for B-29 aircraft, mfgd. for engine 4 & 3 (remember, engineer faced back of aircraft) really rare $       55.
G-772 Mag switch, Type AN 3213-1A, 2 engine appl., mfgd. by Joseph Pollak Corp., very good "used" condition $       65.
G-775 B-17/B-24 turbo-supercharger boost controller, mounts in cockpit between pilot and co-pilot, brand new - still boxed $    195.
G-777 A-7 mag switch, vg detents, used $     165.
G-778 P-63 main landing gear assembly, complete with pivot shaft, shaft gear, etc., excellent condition, right hand only $  5,900.
G-784 Helicopter dolly for Huey???  (2) dollies with (4) wheels & tires, appears new $       375.
G-786 Wildcat air intake induction trunks, (1) pair available only, very good condition $      650. pair
G-787 Skyraider MLG knuckle fairing, some damage but no corrosion $      175.
G-788 Skyraider AD-5 MLG door, P/N 5254070-3R complete, no damage, very good condition $   1,500.
G-789 A-25A rear canopy, fits AAF version of the SB2C, complete canopy, no damage or corrosion $      750.
G-790 Skyraider seat from AD-5 Skyraider, complete with shoulder harness & seat belt, (3) available, very good condition $      375. ea
G-791 C-45, AT-11 main landing gear door, R.H., inner, P/N 804-185951-5A2R, brand new $      125.
G-793 Tach drive generator, Weston, 2 pin, P/N 102694, USN, mfgd. 1947, brand new $        85.
G-794 Fuel transfer valve, marked for P-61 aircraft application, brand new $      125.
G-796 B-17 bomb bay motor assembly, 28 to 1 gear ratio, 90 deg assembly, complete, good conduition $      175.
G-797 Y-150 straight drive MLG retract assembly, used in multiple aircraft applications, very good condition $      155.
G-798 B-29 mag switch for engines 2 and 1 or 4 and 3, most are brand new $        55. ea
G-799 F6F Hellcat main landing gear actuator, USN OHC Pensacola 1953, OHC $       600.
G-800 USN flare cartridge container, Mk II Mod I mfgd. 10/41, brand new $       135.
G-802 R-2600 Lord mount assembly, fits B-25/TBM, RL255A dynafocal, washers, housing and rubbers, brand new $       135.
G-803 R-1300 radial engine, great for static display or possible OH?  (2) available $    2,200.
G-807 F8F Bearcat MLG down lock cylinder, P/N 56212R, brand new $    175
G-808 Corsair tail gear strut, VS-52424-1, very good used contiion $    225
G-809 B-12  suction relief valve, brand new $      65.
G-810 Type A-9 mag switch, brand new $     175.
G-811 Parker primer, large barrel style, brand new - limited quantity $     175.
G-816 Single lever throttle quadrant, mfgd. in Correy, Pa., brand new - boxed $     155.
G-817 F6F Hellcat MLG scissors, (1) ship set, brand new $     325.
G-819 Turbo-supercharger, Type B-22, have (3) available at this time $     750. ea
G-823 R-3350 rocker arm covers, brand new $      35. ea
G-824 SB2C throttle quadrant, NOS, (1) only available $    750.
G-826 Magnetic valve, mfgd. by General Controls, type AV-1, 24 volt D.C., size 1/8", NOS $      45.
G-829 F6F-5 oil tank, 19 U.S. gal, very good condition $ 4,500.
G-830 P-38 oil tank, P/N M38-A, 18 gal, very good condition $ 5,200.
G-831 SB2C front windshield assy., no corrosion, good glass & sheet metal, (1) only available $ 1,400.
G-833 Allison cylinder liner, removed from same engine as the above rods, very good condition $    165.
G-834 PBY5-Awing tip floats, mfgd. by Firestone for Consolidated Vultee Aircraft, New Orleans Division, New Orleans, La. Aircraft was scrapped in 1959, need repairs to be airworthy, (1) pair available $ 2,500.
G-835 Adapter assembly, tachometer drive for turbo-supercharger, brand new - boxed $      45. ea


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