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All oxygen masks are also listed in section "Headgear, Oxygen Masks & Clothing"



Item Description



Oxygen regulator, Type AN6010-A, automatic continuous flow, very rare, new



Oxygen regulator, Type A-9A, high pressure, almost identical to A-8A, used

$ 10

K-4 A-12A oxygen regulator, used in most WWII aircraft, military O(H from mid 1950's $ 22.ea
K-5 A-12A oxygen regulator, same as above, used $ 11 ea


Oxygen bottle Type D-2, approx 20" long x 5 3/4" dia., very good condition

$ 45


Oxygen bottle Type F-2, low pressure 44 1/2" long x 5 3/4" diameter, used as main source for oxygen in fighters, mounted in rear fuselage, very good condition

$ 65

K-15 Oxygen blinker gauge, Type AN6029-1, brand new $   9. ea
K-16 Gauge, low pressure oxygen, Type K-1, 0-500 lbs., brand new - still boxed, limited quantity $12 ea


Gauge for A-13/6022-1 regulator Type AN-G-13, new

$ 5


Oxygen pressure signal assy., Type G-1, brand new, still boxed

$ 4


4' long oxygen hose, complete assy., brand new, used in all fighter & bomber applications

$ 22 ea


Oxygen regulator, Buer Aero, AN6004-1, complete with elbow & cylinder pressure gauge, very good condition

$ 25


D-2A 02 regulator, demand, automatic pressure breathing dated '56, very good condition

$ 20


B-1 & B-2 oxygen regulators, demand, automatic positive pressure, USN, dated 1957, complete w/panel

$ 20


C-1 oxygen regulator, demand, automatic positive pressure, USN, dated '57, VG condition

$ 20


A-15 oxygen regulator, diluter demand type dated '44, very good condition

$ 9


Oxygen hose, gray nylon rubber 6' long, dated '72, new

$ 8


A-9A oxygen regulator, high pressure continuous flow type used w/A-8B oxygen mask, brand new

$ 18


A-14 oxygen regulator, low pressure demand type has a dial to adjust pressure w/elbow, brand new

$ 24


A-13/AN6022 oxygen regulator used in all walk-around application, used condition

$ 16 ea


Oxygen regulator, demand type, Model #3A, this is the regulator used with the re-breather system in SBDs, etc., USN, early war, very rare, new condition

$ 45 ea


O2 bottle Type A, USN, steel bottle, 3/42

$ 45


Oxygen bottle, Aviators oxygen supply, steel, 2/43

$ 35


Oxygen bottle Type B-1, steel bottle, 295 cubic inches internal volume, dated 1943, very good condition

$ 45


Schraeder valve, AN6034-1, triple check valve, brand new - still boxed

$ 3 

K-51 USN oxygen bottle, Type A, dated 10/42, this is the steel bottle, 13" long, good condition $  45.
K-53 Schrader recharger valve, P/N 2653A-197, also known as oxygen filler valve, new $  18.
K-54 USN oxygen re-breather unit, this is a complete assembly including canisters and oxygen mask, brand new - only (1) available $ 145.
K-59 Aviators breathing oxygen bottle, Type A-2, steel bottle with valve, 96 cubic inches internal volume, excellent condition $   55.
K-60 A-6 oxygen bottle with A-15 regulator and green canvas bag,  N.O.S. $ 115.


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